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Pure luxury. Wherever you are.

Our focus is on interiors that move people – physically and emotionally. As a manufacturer and refiner of premium textiles, our mission is to do everything it takes for you to feel at ease, in the skies, on water and on the ground.

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Our home turf. Since more than 40 years Lantal supplies its hand-tufted works of art to the aviation industry. Thus, Lantal handtufted carpets are present in both commercial and private aircraft all around the world.

Classic or modern, treat yourself to a Swiss-made luxurious experience that is second-to-none.

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Business or residential, architecture and interior design are all about materials. Finding the right combination and thus, the right look and feel.


Hand-tufted carpets will help you to elevate the level of luxuriousness within your work and will definitely add that special kick to the room.

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Ground Transportation

Not a fan of flying? No problem at all. Of course Lantal will also provide you with hand-tufted carpets specifically for luxury trains or coaches.


Crafted exactly to your needs and wishes our masterpieces enhance every interior to create truly unique experiences.

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Waking up to a light sea breeze and ocean views. Guaranteed if you spent the night aboard a yacht. Now imagine your first step out of bed is a gentle one and your feet are touching a soft, silky-smooth hand-tufted carpet. The perfect start into the day.

Do not just imagine. Let us help you feel it for real.

Design & Inspirational Partners

With our "partners in crime" we develop ideas and inspirations into design pieces that elevate spaces. Each partner translates its passion, playfulness and experience into something different, something very unique... into your hand-tufted masterpiece.

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Your success is Lantal's focus. We combine tradition and innovation in a functioning business model and can thus keep our quality promise – globally and at any time.